For 30 years KANSTANK LTD. is responsible for the transport of liquid and solid fuels and is synonym with reliability, safety and professionalism. Proof of these facts are the long-lasting partnerships with major oil and fuel companies, who have shown us their confidence. Some of these companies are MOTOR OIL, AVIN, CORAL, ELPE, EKO, GREEK FUELS & ELIN and biodiesel production companies such as ELINBIO in the Prefecture of Magnesia, MILOIL in the Prefecture of Serres etc.

The company has 64 truck-tractors, 102 ride tanks and 12 towed tanks for difficult destinations. It’s a sufficient number of tanks for quick customer service and huge bulk of products. All of our vehicles are the latest eco-friendly models (Euro 4 & 5).

But the “heart and soul” of KANSTANK LTD. is its people, who provide the best customer service daily. The experienced workforce of the company is ready to face any problem, due to their continuous education and attendance of seminars.

KANSTANK LTD. is a company that evolves continuously and provides new technologies and innovative ideas for excellent customer service. One of the most recent activities, in the past four years, is the transportation of fuel to the Balkan countries.

In the context of continuous evolution, one of the company’s future activities is to transfer other products, in order to give a vast range of transport services to existing and prospective partners.

Kotanidis Panagiotis
Owner & CEO

Kotanidis George
Owner & CEO
KANSTANK LTD. began its operations in 1993, by Mr. Panagiotis Kotanidis, who comes from a family of motorists. His first experiences were gained alongside his father, Mr. Haralambos Kotanidis and later on from his father in law, Mr. George Alexiadis.
The last four years the new generation of Kotanidis family has stepped up. Mr. Panagiotis Kotanidis transfers his knowledge and experience to his son, Mr. George Kotanidis, who has completed his studies in International Trade.
KANSTANK LTD. is certified with ISO 2000 for the secure transport and quality check of products such as flammable, toxic and hazardous cargo.

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